3D content is effective for education?!

Effect 05

How does 3D video content affect children’s development?
Here are some interesting research results.

In a research, the pre-school children were divided into 2 groups of 2D and 3 video playing class. Let’s find out with you how the results came out.

* Source: “Programs that use educational 3D video content Influence on infant development and creativity”, Creativity Education Research Vol.13,No.3, 2013, Lim_In_Jung, Seo_Hyun_Ah, Heo_Soo_Yoon


the Result of research showed that the class with 3D contents make children using the study time more effectively and helps to improve the ability to use big and small muscles. Secondly, it also showed that it stimulates children ‘s cognitive development and stimulates verbal development by bringing more various interaction.


the result also showed that the experimental group using 3D image content get higher scores of post-infant creativity test and post-infant developmental test than the group who conducted the general Nuri education.

 From this research results,

3D content is proved to be highly efficient when being used for educational purpose. It seems like the usage of 3D content is truly endless.

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