In 2020, Overdigm To Global…

In 2020, Overdigm to Global…

On Dec. 16th, Overdigm Signs Distributor Contract With Saudi Arabian Marketing Company, Star Time

On Dec. 16th, Overdigm signs distributor contract with Saudi Arabian Marketing Company, Star Time

Overdigm Gets Attention Of UNOPS At STS&P 2019

Overdigm gets attention of UNOPS at STS&P 2019

Overdigm, Shines A Light At Seoul, Daejeon And Busan KTX!

Overdigm, shines a light at Seoul, Daejeon and Busan KTX!

Sports Complex Station, Heats Up With Overdigm~!

Sports Complex Station, Heats up with Overdigm~!

Overdigm To Open Demo Room In Qingdao, China

Overdigm to open Demo Room in Qingdao, China

Overdigm, To Be Installed At Jiaozhou International Airport, China

Overdigm, To Be Installed At Jiaozhou International Airport, China

Hot News : Overdigm To Take Over Hefei, China

Hot News : Overdigm to Take Over Hefei, China

Let’s Go To Sports Complex Station To See Glasses-free 3D For A Cool Summer!

Let’s go to Sports Complex Station to see glasses-free 3D for a cool summer!

The World’s First And Largest “Glasses-free 3D LED Display” Finally Unveiled At KTX Seoul Station

The world’s first and largest “Glasses-free 3D LED Display” finally unveiled at KTX Seoul station

Overdigm’s autostereoscopic display launching event was...
Overdigm, The Highlight Of STS&P 2018

Overdigm, The highlight of STS&P 2018

Overdigm's report from STS&P 2018
Please Visit Overdigm At STS&P 2018.

Please visit Overdigm at STS&P 2018.

Overdigm participates in The STS&P. 2018
Overdigm’s Glasses-free 3d Display Is In Gangnam Tourist Information Center

Overdigm’s glasses-free 3d display is in Gangnam tourist information center

Completed installation of 170-inch glasses-free 3d display
Overdigm Obtains Qualification For Public Bidding!

Overdigm obtains qualification for public bidding!

Capability to supply for public institutions.
Please Visit Overdigm At The 17th World Korean Business Convention!

Please visit Overdigm at The 17th World Korean Business Convention!

Overdigm at The 17th Hansang Convention 2018!
3D Content Is Effective For Education?!

3D content is effective for education?!

3D contents education application plan
Overdigm Is On TV!

Overdigm is on TV!

Meet Overdigm in TV
Overdigm Visits USA! : 01 Washington

Overdigm visits USA! : 01 Washington

Overdigm and KBS met in Washington.
Overdigm Visits USA! : 02 Louisiana

Overdigm visits USA! : 02 Louisiana

Met Lamar in Louisiana.
Overdigm Visits USA! : 03 St.Louis

Overdigm visits USA! : 03 St.Louis

The highlight of Business trip– St. Louis
All Staff Did Hard Work For Making Promotional Video!

All staff did hard work for making promotional video!

Seoul head office did hard work!
CEO Of Overdigm CheolSoo Kang Interview!

CEO of Overdigm CheolSoo Kang interview!

CEO Interview Vision Future plan 3D display
150” Glasses-free 3D Display In Overdigm HQ!

150” Glasses-free 3D display in Overdigm HQ!

Superb Overdigm’s Glasses-free 3D display