Please visit Overdigm at The 17th World Korean Business Convention!

Hansang 08

Hello, This is Overdigm.

Overdigm participates in The 2018 17th World Korean Business .

[Exhibition Title ] : The 17th World Korean Business Convention

[Date] :  October 23rd(Tue) ~ 25th(Thu), 2018 / 3 days

[Venue] : Songdo ConvensiA, G01 Overdigm

In this exhibition, Overdigm offers immediate field communication such as product description, exclusive distributor, technical question and answer, and investment consultation at the booth.

In particular, this exhibition will be the first in the world to show 150-inch glasses-free 3D display, and it is expected to attract the attention of the world. Do not miss the opportunity to see the world’s first large-sized glasses-free 3D display.

Please be with Overdigm!

Overdigm will lead the 3D display industry.