Overdigm, To Be Installed At Jiaozhou International Airport, China


Overdigm made a visit to Jiaozhou on August 22nd and

had a meeting with Jiaozhou Urban Development Investment Co., Ltd. Jiaozhou Urban Development Investment Co. Ltd. is invested by the Jiaozhou city and owns 12 companies that are in city development business, farming business, and investment business.

It is a public enterprise of Jiaozhou city that owns shares of 34 companies. Overdigm glasses-free 3D panels are to be installed at Jiaozhou International Airport PR Halls, and also have large presence at Jiaozhou International Airport that is to open on December, 2019. Jiaozhou Urban Development Investment Co., Ltd. was very impressed by Overdigm’s technology and has expressed wishes of equity investment. Overdigm’s China presence is getting larger every day.

From Heifei city to Jiaozhou city, Overdigm is on the mission of China Invasion.